Resumption of production in oilfields will take several days (Ministry of Energy) | Tunisia News Gazette

Resumption of production in oilfields will take several days (Ministry of Energy)

The Ministry of Energy, Mining and Renewable Energy said despite the end of the sit-in at the governorate of Kebili and the re-opening of oil pumping stations, the resumption of production will take several days because of the length of the closing period of pumping and for technical reasons.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the ministry said the uncontrolled closure of the oil pumping stations had caused technical problems in a number of wells, including old wells, in addition to huge financial losses.

An agreement putting an end to the various protests observed for more than four months outside the headquarters of oil companies was signed after a meeting held Saturday at the headquarters of the Governorate of Kebili between Minister of Social Affairs Mohamed Trabelsi and representatives of the sit-in coordinators of Douz, El Faouar, El Golaa, Souk Lahad and Kebili city.

The ministry has also called on all the forces in the governorate of Kebili to facilitate the resumption of production of oil and gas and to respect the agreement reached.

The same source also praised the efforts of the regional authorities, the members of the House of People’s Representatives in Kebili and the Regional Labor Union, the civil society and political party representatives in the region for their participation in the signing of this agreement.

The ministry reiterated “the will to concretize the clauses of the agreement, noting that the door of the dialogue remains open”.

It also stressed the need to avoid anything that can threaten the social gains with regard to oil infrastructures,” said the same source.

Source: TAP News Agency

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