Revolution: UGTT calls for achieving Tunisian people’s demands

(TAP) – On the celebration of the 11th anniversary of the revolution (December 17 / January 14), the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) called to achieve the Tunisian people’s demands.


The UGTT stressed in a statement the need to end the suffering of the families of martyrs and wounded of the revolution and regularise their situation.


It also called to reveal the truth about political assassinations and terrorist networks sending fighters abroad as well as the suspicious funding of some organisations, in addition to the attack perpetrated against the union on December 4, 2012.


The union also called to initiate a dialogue with the participation of different national forces and determine the major choices in multiple sectors as well as to engage in the respect of the law and the guarantee of rights and freedoms.


The UGTT also called not to go back to the pre-July 25 period, while expressing its concerns about the unclear situation in the country.


Source: TAP News Agency