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Rise in fuel prices is abusive and unjustified (UGTT)

The Executive Committee of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) said on Tuesday the rise in fuel prices is “abusive” and is “economically unjustified”.

“This increase, which is again hitting the country’s economy, is a violation of the agreement between the government and the labour organisation on wage increases, which includes price control,” the UGTT said in a statement Tuesday.

In this context, the labour organisation called for the need to take national measures to save the country’s economy, pointing out that this increase would promote inflation at a time when the government is no longer able to deal with soaring prices and smuggling.

The UGTT said it was “surprised” by the government’s silence in the face of the continuing downfall of the Tunisian dinar, calling on it to take all necessary measures to resolve this issue.

“This price increase could have an impact on the cost of goods transportation, public transport, electricity and industrial and agricultural production,” warns the organisation, warning against any attempt to raise commodity prices.

In this context, it stressed the need to urgently review the guaranteed minimum wage in order to re-establish the purchasing power of low-income citizens.

Source: TAP News Agency

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