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Role of Tunisian administration, fundamental in anti-corruption drive, says Imed Hazgui

The role of the Tunisian administration is fundamental and historic in the fight against corruption and implementation of democratic traditions, President of the Access to Information Authority Imed Hazgui indicated.

The anti-corruption climate will improve if the right to access information in the administration is respected, he said in the opening of a study day held Tuesday in Tunis under the theme access to information, a key mechanism to counter corruption.

The right to access information offers a precious opportunity for the administration to actively contribute to the implementation of democracy, he added.

There is no political and economic freedom without access to information, he pointed out.

Besides, he noted that the relation between the administration and the right to access to information is an interactive and inverse relation. When the administration works in a climate that is transparent and open to the civil society, journalists and the citizens, corruption will fail to prosper and vice versa.

All national and international texts affirm the strength of the connection between access to information and transparency on the one hand, and corruption on the other.

Taking the floor, President of the Confederation of Tunisian Citizens Enterprises (CONECT) Tarek Cherif estimated that access to information and the anti-corruption drive are current issues notably in this particularly sensitive situation facing Tunisia and the various categories we are classified in by the European Union.

There is no lack of anti-corruption laws in Tunisia. However, there are not all totally applicable, or respected which facilitates the spread of petty and grand corruptions, he indicated.

The solution lies in firmly applying these laws in the public and private sectors and to implement good governance.

According to him, access to information and the anti-corruption fight require free press including the investigative press, boosting the Court of Audit’s role and broadening its competences.

The study day is organised at the initiative of the I Watch organisation in collaboration with the National Administration School Graduates Union and in partnership with the Anti-Corruption Authority, the Access to Information Authority and Article 19.

Source: TAP News Agency

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