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Round Table on “Laws Governing Intelligence – Comparative laws”

First Adviser for the Presidency of the Republic General Kamel Akrout on Thursday described indispensable to enact an organic law organising the control mechanisms of intelligence activities and determining the structures authorised to engage in these activities.

Akrout, who spoke on the second day of a round table in the northern suburbs of Tunis on the subject of “Laws governing intelligence – comparative rights”, said that “the promulgation of such a law can only avoid the risk of infringement “.

“The adoption of a legal framework governing intelligence activities depends first and foremost on the drafting of a law defining the prerogatives of this body and the profile of candidates for this profession”, said president of permanent Committee on Supervision of Intelligence Services (Committee R), Guy Rapaille.

He stressed the need “to consider a direct and indirect control by parliament on activities of intelligence apparatus and to define the legal methods of intelligence.

He also recommended that the control of intelligence services should be entrusted to an independent administrative authority which, he explained, will be tasked with initiating the necessary investigations and informing Parliament of the results.

Rigorous monitoring of intelligence activities can only create a climate of trust in the intelligence services whose activities must be secret, he concluded.

Organised by the Presidency of the Republic, in collaboration with the Center for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), the two-day round table provided an opportunity to present the Belgian intelligence experience and to consider how to adapt the basic elements governing this activity to the Tunisian reality.

Source: TAP News Agency

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