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RTJT urges HPR to fill vacancies within IVD council

The President of the Tunisian Network for Transitional Justice (French:RTJT) Kamel Gharbi, on Thursday, urged the House of the People’s Representatives (HRR) to fill vacancies within the

Truth and Dignity Commission (French:IVD) council, in accordance with sections 23, 24 and 25 of the Transitional Justice Law.

Kamel Gharbi, who was speaking at the presentation of the 2nd report of the Tunisian Transitional Justice Observatory, also requested the presence of RTJT delegation as observers at the meetings of the nominating committee.

“The presence of observers at the meetings of the committee to sort nominations is likely to give more credibility and transparency to the work of the committee,” he said.

In this regard, he reminded the accusations made against the former sorting committee set up by the National Constituent Assembly, of having chosen the members of the Truth and Dignity Commission according to partisan quotas.

In its report the Observatory recommended the establishment of a specialised committee dedicated to the follow-up of the IVD’s final recommendations in accordance with the provisions of Article 70 of the Transitional Justice Act.

While voicing respect for the financial and administrative autonomy of the IVD, the RTJT also advocated the examination of the moral and financial reports of the Forum by specialised committees.

In its report, the Observatory called on the IVD to improve its tools and methods of communication with victims, public opinion and media and to create a communication cell to promote access to information.

It also recommended setting up a guide to witness and victim protection procedures and submitting complete files to justice.

Composed of 12 associations, the Tunisian Network for Transitional Justice is tasked with accompanying the process of implementing transitional justice and to follow up the action of the IVD.

Source: TAP news Agency

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