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Ruling parties must assume responsibilities, bring Tunisia out of crisis, says UGTT S-G

The ruling parties must assume their responsibilities and bring the country out of the current crisis by achieving the objectives for which they were elected instead of blaming the opposition and the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), UGTT Secretary-General Noureddine Tabboubi stressed on Wednesday.

Taking part in the 9th Congress of the Regional Labour Union in Kebili, Tabboubi reaffirmed the union’s commitment to a serious and constructive dialogue, stressing that selling-off the public sector is a red line that must not be crossed as it is the Tunisians’ first gains.

He further called on the ruling parties to meet the Tunisians’ demands while avoiding to affect the purchasing power notably of the working class that became the sole victim of tax decisions.

The UGTT will launch in March wage negotiations with the government, he added, estimating that they will be difficult as the UGTT is endeavouring to adjust the citizen’ purchasing power and to solve the pending issues including that of the construction workers.

Besides, he highlighted the need to review several pending sector-based issues so as to avoid tensions notably in the health and educations sectors that suffer from poor infrastructure.

In this respect, he expressed compassion with the families of both students who died on Tuesday in July 25 High school in Thala due to dilapidated infrastructure.

Several slogans have been shouted during Kebili’s conference including the regularisation of the construction workers’ files, substitute teachers and candidates admitted to apply for the 2017 professional masters degree.

Source: TAP news Agency

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