Saied underscores need to preserve public education

President of the Republic Kaies Saied on Friday underscored at a meeting with Education Minister Mohamed Ali Boughdiri and Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Moncef Boukthir the State’s commitment to preserving public education and providing good conditions for the various students in educational establishments.

The Head of State pointed to the efforts exerted to meet the many challenges facing the country, recalling that the future of an independent people hinges on national education, according to a video released by the Presidency of the Republic.

He also underlined the urgent need to preserve the public education system and to provide equal conditions for success for all pupils and students.

The map of Tunisia in terms of success rates shows the map of poverty, no statistics institute or expert study is necessary to understand the reality, he said, recalling his visit to Jendouba and the deplorable state of a state school in Fernana.

He stressed in this regard, that it is crucial to provide all students with good conditions in their schools.

It is not arbitrary that other countries are looking for graduates from Tunisian universities, President Saied argued, considering that reforms within a State begin with education.

This is why, he said, the national consultation on the reform of the education system had been launched on Friday.

It will be the start of the new choices to be made in the future in the education sector, added the President of the Republic.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse