Salvation Front demands President Saied quit [Upd 1]

Supporters of the Salvation Front demanded President Kais Saied quit as they rallied Saturday in Habib Bourguiba avenue.

Member Ridha Belhaj said the Salvation Front secured street mobilisation against Saied’s decisions. The Tunisian people, who are suffering a decline in their purchasing powe, are showing responsiveness to its demands.

The front’s major demands, he said, are the departure of President Kais Saied as the illegitimate authority.

The Salvation Front will continue its peaceful struggle against dictatorship till returning to the democratic process.

Front Leader Ahmed Néjib Chebbi criticised July 25 process. He said there is need for President Saied to step down in a bid to chart a way out of the political and economic crisis and return to the process of freedoms set in motion on January 14, 2011.

Protesters and police clashed in Habib Bourguiba avenue as the former attempted to cross the barbed wire fence.

Source: Tap News Agency