Salvation Front has succeeded in its meeting despite obstacles (Chebbi)

President of the National Salvation Front Ahmed Nejib Chebbi said that the Front has succeeded in its meeting this Sunday outside the headquarters of the municipality of El Mnihla (Ariana) despite attempts to prevent its holding by the authorities.

He added that the people of El Mnihla aspire, like all Tunisians, to prosperity, stability and progress in the framework of freedom. Trying to prevent the Front from meeting with the people of El Mnihla will not deter them from continuing their peaceful protests, he said. “Tunisia is preparing for change and no one can stop it.

Chebbi called on supporters of the Front to participate massively, on January 14, in the protest movement that will take place at the Revolution Avenue.

Last year, the Salvation Front had denounced “the misuse of violence” against its supporters during the demonstrations of January 14, 2022 and recalled the death of one of the protesters, Ridha Bouzayane, five days after his admission to hospital.

In a statement on Sunday, the Front condemns the “assault” launched by supporters of President of the Republic Kais Saied, in reaction to the meeting. It denounces the verbal violence against the leaders of the Front and its activists and warns against the threat to the freedoms of expression, gathering and the right to political action in general.

Source: Tap News Agency