Second edition of Ouissal programme to kick off April 5 in Tunis

The second edition of the Ouissal programme, initiated by the Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association (EMA) in partnership with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), will take place on April 5 in Tunis.

A kickoff workshop will be organised at the Rotary Club Tunis, and will be an opportunity to evaluate the progress of projects, identify gaps, structural and organizational consulting, and develop the network of tandems.

Twenty Tunisian women entrepreneurs will be able to benefit for one year from the know-how, advice and experiences of their mentors.

These mentors are German women experts in their field who wish to promote and help women in the Maghreb achieve their dreams and goals.

It is not only a purely factual support but also a source of enrichment of cultural and intergenerational exchanges.

The tandem mentoring phase kicked off in 2017.

The one-year Ouissal programme in the Maghreb (Tunisia and Morocco) is dedicated to women entrepreneurs from Morocco and Tunisia, in collaboration with their German counterparts.

On the strength of its success, the Ouissal Project connects again 60 experienced Tunisian, Moroccan and German women entrepreneurs who are eager to learn, giving them the opportunity to work for several months in intercultural tandems (consisting of a mentor and a mentee) to carry out a sustainable entrepreneurial project or to improve the situation of their companies.

The Ouissal programme in Morocco is already in its fourth edition. Thanks to this programme, fifty Moroccan women entrepreneurs were accompanied and were able to benefit from all the advice and help of their mentors.

This year the workshop dedicated to Moroccan women took place from December 5 to 7, 2017 in Casablanca.

The core of the mentoring project enabled the 40 or so participants to take a mid-point review of their projects.

It was also an opportunity for the participants to exchange, meet, discuss and share.

A second workshop was organised on March 10, 2018 at the German Business Center in Casablanca.

Source: TAP News Agency