Second part of Essaha Aziza health programme launched

The second part of the European Union-funded “Essaha Aziza” programme, which runs from 2021 to 2023 at an estimated cost of 50 million euros, was launched on Tuesday in Tunisia , it was announced at a forum held by the Health Ministry Tuesday.

«The second part of Esshaha Aziza health programme seeks to involve all regions across Tunisia, after being restricted to 13 governorates only,» Director of the International Cooperation Unit at the Health Ministry Ines Fradi told reporters on the sidelines of the forum.

Fradi reminded that the first part of the programme made it possible to bring closer the services offered by frontline and second-line health facilities by funding the acquisition of equipment and ambulances as well as offering online appointments.

The official said the implementation of the Essaha Aziza health programme is also part of activating Tunisia’s health policy. More particularly, it seeks to introduce reforms to the sector in a bid to improve the quality of services made available to citizens as well as consolidate the health system, she added.

Health Minister Ali Mrabet pointed out that through the second part of the Esssaha Aziza programme, hospital capacities will be reinforced while laying an emphasis on digitisation and improving governance.

Ambassador of the European Union to Tunisia Marcos Cornaro underlined that the axes of cooperation within the framework of the Essaha Aziza health programme, with a total funding of 70 million euros (20 million euros dedicated to the first part and 50 million euros to the second part), rely on support for cooperation so as to achieve the integration and improvement of health service coverage as well as digitise service delivery.


Source: Tap News Agency