Sfax-Afek Tounes: 24 party members present their resignations, criticise Yacine Ibrahim's policy | Tunisia News Gazette

Sfax-Afek Tounes: 24 party members present their resignations, criticise Yacine Ibrahim’s policy

A total of 24 members of the National Council and Regional Councils, Sfax 1 and Sfax 2, the political bureau and local offices of the Afek Tounes party in the southern governorate have announced their resignation from all party structures in a joint statement released Thursday, a copy of which was received by TAP office in Sfax.

The resigning members justified their decision by “Yassine Ibrahim’s (party president) lack of respect for of the elected and legitimate regional and local institutions and his willingness before and after the holding of the last party congress to exclude anyone who does not share his opinions”.

They motivated their resignation also by “the ambiguity of parachuted decisions, including the ejection of ministers and state secretaries members of the party after deciding to continue their missions in the government”.

They also criticised the fact of “considering the region of Sfax, including its local and regional militants and leaders as a simple electoral base whose only role is to comply unconditionally with the dictates of Yassine Ibrahim”.

“The use of authoritarianism and the the divide and rule policy to impose choices do not serve the national, regional and party interests,” the signatories note.

They lamented that the party leader “did not act to close the ranks of the party and heal the rifts after the withdrawals and freezing of membership of several party members and his stubbornness to support these dissents.

Resigning members also sent a message to the Afek Tounes activists, calling on them “not to remain silent on these practices that can replicate the political mode of allegiance to a person”.

Source: TAP news Agency

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