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Sfax: series of development projects and initiatives as part of Tunisian-German partnership

Ambassador of Germany to Tunisia Andreas Reinicke announced on Wednesday a series of projects and initiatives for economic, environmental and cultural development for the benefit of the Sfax governorate as part of the Tunisian-German partnership.

At a press conference on the sidelines of his official visit to Sfax, the diplomat said that a project for the protection of the coast in Kerkennah, in partnership with the Coastal Protection and Development Agency (APAL) was inaugurated with a donation of 45 MD provided by the German National Development Bank (KFW).

The work of this four-year environmental project (2013 � 2017), allowed to protect 10 kilometers of coastline with dikes and large stones at the localities of Ouled Bouali, Kraten, Attaya Bounouma, Ouled Kacem , Sidi Frej and Ouled Yaneg. The goal is to prevent the sea from advancing, a phenomenon threatening the entire ecosystem of the island, he added.

Mr. Reinicke also announced the establishment of a new decentralised cooperation partnership between the Sfax governorate and the German region of Badem-Wuerttemberg (Stuttgart).

“A delegation of businessmen and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax, will visit in the coming days Badem-Wuerttemberg to discuss the niches of cooperation and opportunities for economic partnership that may arise “he said.

The ambassador said that many opportunities exist especially in the sectors of renewable energy, environment, the private sector and investment in skills.

Besides, he noted the possibilities of supporting several associations in their ambitious projects including that of the depollution of the southern coast of the city of Sfax.

He recalled, in this context, the interventions of the German International Cooperation Agency for Sustainable Development (GIZ) in the region of Sfax particularly in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency (Photovoltaic self-production project connected Low Voltage network), local governance and employment.

“The energy sector, which aims to be one of the Tunisian-German cooperation axes, will be marked by the organisation on November 27 in Tunis of a Tunisian-German renewable energy day with the participation of the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG), Tunisian and German industrialists in addition to public service actors, “he said.

Source: TAP News Agency

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