Sfax1-Local elections: Two candidates in Kerkenah and Bir Ali Ben Khelifa delegations launch their campaigns

The campaign for the forthcoming local elections (December 24) continues in Sfax-1, where the two candidates, Habib Hili for the “Kraten” constituency in Kerkennah and Kamel Ouled Journi for the “Labraj” constituency in the Bir Ali Ben Khlifa delegation, have presented their electoral programmes.

Candidate Habib Hili, 63, a naval engineer, told TAP, if elected, he would work to improve fishermen’s working conditions, preserve the richness of fish stocks and combat overfishing in the Kraten region.

He also said he would work to improve public transport in his area, create jobs for university graduates and develop infrastructure.

For his part, candidate Kamel Ouled Journi, 39, unemployed, promised to focus on improving the infrastructure of primary schools, providing free health cards for poor families and connecting his region to the drinking water network.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse