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Situation in country requires early elections (Hammami)

The situation in the country requires the organisation of early parliamentary and presidential elections, spokesman for the Popular Front Hamma Hammami said Tuesday in Tunis.

This situation, marked by the degradation of public services, including health and education, the deterioration of infrastructure, rising unemployment and the adoption of choices that only serve a limited number of Tunisian families, requires early elections to restore confidence in the current government or establish a new system of governance able to restore the economic, political and social situation in the country, “he added at a press conference on a critical reading of the draft finance law and state budget 2018.

This draft, which proposes an increase in taxes and the freeze of recruitment in the civil service,” is disastrous”, as it is the result of the instructions of the EU (European Union) and international financial institutions, including at the forefront the International Monetary Fund, he said.

This document particularly reflects the failure of the ruling coalition to develop a clear agenda that addresses the thorny issues facing the country today.

Hammami said this coalition defends only its interests in order to continue in power.

For his part, Secretary-General of the Democratic Patriots Unified Party (PPDU), Zied Lakhdhar noted that the points adopted by the government in the framework of the draft state budget 2018 will give way to an additional tax burden, will not fail to deepen the problem of unemployment and give rise to painful measures for the middle and low-income social classes.

The measures and decisions that the ruling coalition seeks to enact serve the interests of certain lobbies with power, he pointed out.

These lobbies represent only a tiny part not exceeding 10% of the Tunisian population, he said, adding that the popular front intends to intensify its efforts to defend all the working classes in the country.

Source: TAP News Agency

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