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“Smart Grid” project will come into force in 2018

The pilot project “Smart Grid” will enter into force in 2018 in several regions of the country and will be generalised throughout Tunisia from 2023. The technical components of the project were presented Tuesday at the headquarters of STEG, in the presence of engineers of the company.

Hela Sheikhrouhou, Minister of Energy, Mining and Renewable Energies, said the project will allow a transition from a traditional system to a modern system that can remotely repair breakdowns and monitor the consumption of customers and control infringements.

For his part, STEG CEO, Moncef Harrabi said the cost of this project is 250 million dinars. This amount is intended, in particular, for the modernisation of the basic infrastructure and the installation of smart meters.

He also noted that the value of STEG’s debts currently amounts to 1,000 million dinars and that the company intends to recover its debts from major customers such as companies and hotels but also from citizens, in order to safeguard its financial balances.

Source: TAP News Agency

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