Solidarity festival to establish citizen-based social contract for 1st time in Tunisia

A solidarity festival is organised on Saturday in Tunis for the 1st time in Tunisia, under the theme: “The importance of solidarity in the establishment of a citizen-based social contract.”

The festival is an initiative of the Mohamed Ali Hammi space, which gathers the General Confederation of Tunisian Workers (CGTT), the Mohamed Ali Hammi Foundation and the Citizen Social Movement (a network of citizen organisations).

“This festival, which is the fruit of long years of joint work with the CGTT partners, seeks to promote the culture of citizenship so that it can be a source of funding for solidarity activities aimed at vulnerable categories,” said festival director Habib Guiza.

He pointed out in a statement to TAP, that the festival’s objective is to show the importance of the associative fabric created after the revolution, stressing the need to involve all organisations in the discussion of issues of national interest.

Besides, Guiza considered that the Tunisian revolution’s political and socio-economic objectives have not been achieved since the new forces have not been involved in the democratic transition process.

The festival’s agenda includes a set of conferences on the general situation in the country at all levels and Tunisia’s positioning in light of regional and international geopolitical changes.

During these conferences, emphasis was laid on the need to rethink public enterprises and to reform the electoral law and the law regulating organisations, in addition to guaranteeing social protection and drawing up a programme for the development of organisations as part of a high-level social dialogue.

The participants also underlined the importance of the social and solidarity economy in revitalising the production system and looking for a new fiscal approach to deal with the problem of indebtedness.

An exhibition of products of the social and solidarity economy and cultural activities are organised in parallel to the festival.

Source: Tap New Agency