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Some 150 Job offers and international Internships in forum of Internship Platforms

Over 150 job opportunities as well as internships abroad were presented on Friday for the benefit of students by some twenty international companies (from France, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt), during the forum of internship platforms.

Organised at the headquarters of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA), at the initiative of the General Management of University Renovation (French : DGVR) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, this forum aims to present the HOMERe programme (high opportunity in Mediterranean for recruitment) and the SEMSEM platform (services for employability and mobility under the form of internships in companies for Maghreb and Mashreq students).

According to Wided Carpentier, founding president of HOMERE in Tunisia, the HOMERe programme was launched by the Mediterranean network of engineering and management schools (RMEI) in France in 2014. It is present in 43 Mediterranean countries.

This programme has targeted 340 students in Tunisia, helping them to find suitable internships for their training and facilitating their professional integration, she added, noting that the HOMERE recruitment process starts in September each year.

For his part, Zoubeir Turki, Director General of University Renovation at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, presented the SEMSEM platform.

He said that this platform has been created for four years as part of a European project for academic cooperation called Tempus. The objective of this platform, he explained, is to monitor the trainee daily within the company by an academic supervisor (from the university) and a professional supervisor (from the company).

He added that this follow-up makes it possible to improve the quality of internship which appears as a determining factor for the success of the student.

According to Turki, the SEMSEM platform targets all trainees from engineering schools and those enrolled in professional masters. It has been in operation for two years in the universities of Jendouba and Sousse by monitoring internships in Tunisia and abroad for 2,500 trainees.

For his part, Ahmed Jamoussi, UTICA representative, stressed the importance of continuity between training and employability in Tunisia. In this context, he called for the combined efforts of the various stakeholders to ensure good coordination.

The UTICA representative also spoke of the interest of internships in preparing the student for professional life.

Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, Abdelkoddous Saadaoui highlighted the link between the university and the job market. This liaison, he said, is a new strategic vision for the promotion of youth employability that allows the easy reintegration of university graduates.

Besides, the opportunity of an internship is beneficial for both students and companies, he said, commending the SEMSEM platform initiative and the HOMERe programme, which gives new confidence to youth.

Source: TAP News Agency

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