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Sousse : Considerable drop in olive harvest

The production of olives in the governorate of Sousse will not exceed 27 thousand tonnes of olives or 5400 tonnes of olive oil against 81 thousand 185 tonnes of olives the previous season or 16 thousand tonnes of oil.


In a statement to the TAP, Regional President of the Union of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing in Sousse Hassen Letaief that the number of productive olive groves to 1 million 400 thousand trees of a total of 5 million olive groves in the region.


According to the same source, the drop in production is mainly due to the drought and the lower rainfall.


While pointing out the critical state of olive groves in Sousse due to the lack of irrigation and the ongoing drought, Letaif called on the authorities to intervene to save the olive sector which is one of the important economic sectors in the region.


Source: Tap News Agency