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State starts regularisation of land situation of 350 thousand hectares of agricultural lands (Interview of Mabrouk Korchid)

The Minister of State Property and Land Affairs, Mabrouk Korchid, said in an interview with TAP on Tuesday that the government has decided to regularise the land situation of 350 thousand hectares of agricultural land on the whole territory, with the aim of integrating them into the economic circuit.

He also indicated that this decision came into effect on Monday, December 25, 2017 and that the first 6 contracts of sale by agreement were delivered to operators of agricultural state lands, in the delegation of Jammel by virtue of the decree. No 1870 of 20 November 2015 on the regularisation of the situation of farmers on agricultural crown lands.

Korchid also reported that 25 thousand hectares of agricultural land in fertile areas have been recovered and transferred to the State Land Office, which would generate additional revenue for the state.

He said that these lands will be reintegrated into the economic circuit by releasing them to young farmers, unemployed youth or development and agricultural development companies, believing that this operation would create 25 thousand jobs.

He also recalled that the management of land near the mountains and which pose a terrorist risk will be entrusted to the Ministry of National Defense as part of the national plan to fight against terrorism, noting that the defense ministries have always contributed to strengthening infrastructure and agricultural production.

On another connection, Korchid said that an agreement will be signed in February 2018 with the Office of Topography and Cadastre to regularise the situation of residences occupied by 500 thousand inhabitants in the various regions. The procedure will take 5 years to allow residents to become homeowners in these residences, he said.

Besides, he mentioned the creation of a Code of National Assets which will be submitted to a cabinet meeting this week, believing that this code will strengthen investment and transparency in the management of state domains.

The Minister also indicated that the implementation of the digital map is scheduled for January 2018. This map is initially 35 thousand hectares and will be extended to 40 thousand hectares of agricultural land in 2018.

The State budget for the 2018 financial year has already mobilised, according to Korchid, financing of the order of 350,000 dinars for the updating of digital agricultural maps with the objective of improving the management of public domains.

Regarding the confiscation file, Korchid said that the recovery of looted property is a difficult operation, recognising that Tunisia has recovered, so far, only a few of its stolen property.

According to him, Tunisian participation in the recent Washington-sponsored US Congress, Great Britain and the World Bank on “Despoiled Property of the Peoples”, has been very positive.

However, “Tunisia has recovered only two planes, two yachts and an amount of 250 thousand dollars with the support of Switzerland in addition to a $ 3 million from one of Ben Ali’s sons-in-law” reminded the Minister of State Property and Land Affairs.

Source: TAP News Agency

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