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Statistical platform for oasis governance in Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania soon

The project “Adaptive management and monitoring of the oasis systems in the Maghreb: Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia”, whose implementation has been launched since September 2016 in Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania will be crowned by the creation of a platform statistics and an information system for the governance of oasis systems in the Maghreb countries, which have about 350 hectares of oases, said coordinator of the project Slah Abdeddaem in a statement to TAP on Monday.

He highlighted on the sidelines of a working session to monitor the progress of the project, whose work will continue until July 13 that adaptive management and monitoring of oasis systems aims to build the capacity of stakeholders in the field of oases in the three countries and to establish an information system that follows all the changes and problems related to the oases, assists in the decision-making process and in the management of the oasis system.

The official said that this three-year project with an overall cost of nearly 8 million dinars, financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), is managed by the Office of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Tunis.

He added that a guide to good practices in oases would also be developed. It will include practical solutions for the maintenance of the oasis system and its protection against environmental and human threats, adding that this guide will be disseminated in the Maghreb countries.

It also includes providing means to establish a monitoring system for oases, considered among the most fragile agricultural and environmental systems, due to climate change or mismanagement.

In this context, Abdeddaem recalled that “the total area of the Tunisian oases is 40 thousand ha, one third of which (1/3) are former oases suffering from the problems of climate change, water deficit and Urbanization, as well as the multiplication of the number of interveners in this field “.

According to him, the Tunisian oases are facing several problems, including the dispersion of ownership, lack of water and lack of biological diversity, given that farmers are concerned with the production of a single product, namely Degulet Ennour, which leads to the weakening of the oasis, which is based, in principle, on the multi-storey system and the diversity of production.

Abdedayem has indicated that the management approach adapted to the oasis system is based on the establishment of oasis governance mechanisms, while taking into account the different actors involved in this activity (farmers, traders and the environment).

Source: TAP News Agency

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