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Strategic plan of Tunisian Post will increase turnover (expert)

The European Union (EU) Project of Support for the Tunisian Post yielded a five-year strategic plan. The latter includes action plans targeting better financial statements of the company and increased turnover, said Christian Ferraris, the Chief of Mission of the French agency for international technical expertise Expertise France.

This strategic plan, devised as part of a support project launched in December 2015 and implemented by Expertise France, will also help give a boost to savings in the service of the economy, Ferraris Tuesday said at a workshop held in Tunis.

The Tunisian Post, as a public enterprise, will be a leader in financial and social inclusion, as it will provide citizens with proximity services, as well as the innovative and privileged partner of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The project mobilised 24 experts, including 12 from the Tunisian Post who are specialised in e-logistics, financial inclusion, post accounting and optimisation of postal operations.

It also helped work out a trade-specific reference, the first brick for the job and skills management system, adopt a new organigramme and develop a customer-focused blue print and technical spcifications for setting up an e-logictics plaform.

This programme, the closure of which is set for next April 5, will help carry out the internal reorganisation of the Tunisian Post, in line with the requirements of good governance and technological development. The competitiveness of the Tunisian Post will also be enhanced and services upgraded.

Minister in charge of Large-scale Reforms Taoufik Rajhi said about forty CEOs of public corporations were invited to attend the workshop to shed light on achievements as part of the project of support to the Tunisian Post, a vanguard experience in the framework of public corporations restructuring.

Source: TAP News Agency

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