Strike in France: Morocco’s Flag Carrier Cancels Some Flights on Jan. 31 to and from Paris

“Following the notice of strike of the civil service in France on January 31, 2023, all airlines have been asked to reduce their flight schedule for the day of January 31, 2023 (applicable from 5:00 am GMT to 10:30 pm GMT) on the airport of Paris-ORY and Royal Air Maroc accompanies its Customers by transferring them on other flights,” said RAM on its website.

Customers scheduled on the cancelled flights AT764 and AT765 of January 31, 2023 have been transferred to flights AT770 and AT771 of January 31, 2023, the same source said.

Customers scheduled on the cancelled flight AT777 of January 31, 2023 have been transferred to flight AT761 of January 31, 2023.

As for the customers scheduled on the cancelled flight AT776 of January 31, 2023, they have been transferred on board flight AT760 and remainder o/b at764 of February 01, 2023.

In addition, for all Royal Air Maroc ticket holders on the above flights who do not wish to travel on the above flights made available to them, the national airline will grant a refund of the ticket in its original form of payment or a free change of date, subject to availability, to and from the same destination or a destination in the RAM network in Europe, for a new date of travel within 15 days of the date of the cancelled flight, provided that the initial duration of stay is maintained.

It should be noted that for any change of destination, the possible difference in taxes is charged to the passenger.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse