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Student Leaders Program Closes

The Student Leaders Program offers youth through the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), an important opportunity to hone their skills and strengthen their self-confidence to enable them to participate effectively in public life, consolidate democracy and promote a more equitable economy,” said U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia Daniel Rubinstein.

In a statement to the media on Friday in Hammamet on the fringes of the closing conference of the Student Leaders Program, he pointed out that the program will not stop there, on the contrary its organisers will monitor the initiatives taken by the students and their concrete integration into society.

For her part, MEPI program director Rita Estefane indicated that the Student Leaders Program, launched since 2002, offers annually to nearly 120 students from different countries in the MENA region, the opportunity to visit, between June and August, the United States for six weeks.

This program, which aims primarily to encourage social action and the factors of stability and prosperity, allows participants to learn about decision-making methods in American society and social integration mechanisms, she explained.

During the closing conference, the students presented project ideas they are planning to achieve in their respective countries.

Supported by the U.S. Congress since its inception, the program has been endeavouring to reinforce local authorities, civil society, project creation, women, joint work and governance.

Source: TAP News Agency

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