Success of Tunisia's democratic transition will positively impact regional peace, says HPR Speaker | Tunisia News Gazette

Success of Tunisia’s democratic transition will positively impact regional peace, says HPR Speaker

House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur said Tunisians want ties with France to be “a model of positive and exemplary relations between the countries of the North and those of the South.”

“This is the pathway to finding, in the short term, the appropriate solutions and means to bolster economic growth in Tunisia, enhance social progress, establish stability and stamp out terrorism,” he said at a special session convened Thursday by the parliament for visiting French President Emmanuel Macron.

The success of Tunisia’s democratic transition will have a positive impact when it comes to regional peace and the fight against trans-national terrorism, illegal migration and organised crime.

This much hoped-for success calls for increased cooperation with Tunisia’s French and European friends, he indicated.

This cooperation can be a multi-faceted and multishaped one and include mainly the increase in the volume of French investments in Tunisia, the conversion of Tunisian debts into investments and the promotion of the Tunisia destination.

New measures and initiatives that open up new horizons for Tunisian youth can likewise be at the heart of this cooperation.

“We seek measures that make it easier for Tunisian youth to move to France and all European countries as part of well-studied employment and training programmes, in line with legislation in place in host countries,” he said.

The completion of democratic transition in Tunisia rests on the mobilisation of the creative and productive energies of Tunisians, particularly youths.

Tunisia intends to keep on introducing socioeconomic and social justice reforms and working on the reduction of regional disparities; it also eyes new horizons that give hope to youths.

“This is the vision we have and the one we want to implement in order to establish social and political stability and root out terrorism, extremism and corruption,” Ennaceur said.

While commending France’s laudable efforts geared towards supporting Tunisia in building its democracy, the Speaker said Tunisia opted for consensus and dialogue in this undertaking and in order to preserve the progressive and modernist gains of the society.

Ennaceur also expressed satisfaction at French President Macron’s visit which, he said, reflects a deep and sincere friendship of which Tunisians are proud and which they want to be a factor of support to efforts aimed to foster development, fight against terrorism and achieve social and economic progress – preconditions for establishing security and stability in the whole region.

The Speaker also hailed the efforts made by France to help Tunisia take up a wide array of challenges.

“We hope this visit will help deliver a boost to bilateral cooperation,” Ennaceur said as he addressed the French President.

Source: TAP news Agency

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