Supporters of July 25 Harak march on Avenue Bourguiba to mark Independence Day

Supporters of Harak of July 25, on Monday, staged a march on Avenue Bourguiba and a rally near the Municipal Theatre in Tunis to mark Independence Day.
Harak supporters back the political process launched by President Kais Saied.
The city centre of Tunis was enlivened on Monday. Tunisian flags hung out on Avenue Habib Bourguiba and on the main arteries adjoining it, welcoming citizens who flocked to participate in the celebrations of the Independence Day.
The police were deployed to secure the various festive activities which blocked access to many streets leading to Bourguiba Avenue.
The demonstrators waved the national flag during this march as well as slogans and banners, calling on the Head of State to “continue the process, emancipate the nation and bring down the system of corruption.”
They also called for investigating the dissolved municipal councils and holding the “obscurantist system” responsible, stressing the need to continue the July 25 process and “not back down to free the country from all the corrupt.’
Harak movement spokesperson Mahmoud Ben Mabrouk underlined that the goal of this march is to ‘celebrate the Independence Day, support the July 25 process and salute the accountability process carried out in state enterprises.’
The march is also meant to reject any foreign interference, he added.
“This is a message to all the traitors who continue, to this day, to plot against the Tunisian people,” he said, adding that this message also includes a refusal of any foreign interference in Tunisia’s home affairs.
Ben Mabrouk asked French authorities to officially apologize to the families of the martyrs, activists and resistance fighters who participated in the Bourguiba reform movement and the war of independence.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)

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