Survey Finds 63% of Moroccans Will Watch 2022 World Cup

In detail, men will watch the World Cup more (76%). At the level of age categories, there are no significant differences, according to the survey.


The authors of the survey also believe that this edition greatly arouses the interest of Moroccans, especially since the national team is a stakeholder in this World Cup. An element that has probably had an impact on this interest.


The survey shows that 30% of Moroccans say they will watch all the matches of the World Cup, while 13% will watch only some matches. In addition, 52% of respondents will only watch the national team’s matches, while 25% do not know.


In detail, the rate of those who will watch all the games is higher among men (37%), while those who will watch only the national team games are more women (71%).


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse