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Tabboubi reaffirms UGTT support for hunger strikers prisoners in Palestine

Secretary-General of Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) Noureddine Tabboubi reiterated Friday in a telephone talk with Fadwa Barghouthi, wife of Palestinian leader and prisoner Marouane Barghouthi, his organisation’s support for the hunger strike observed by the Palestinian prisoners “to defend their freedom and their legitimate cause”.

He informed Mrs. Barghouthi that the UGTT has launched an international mobilisation campaign, including trade unions and world organisations as well as the United Nations, in order to bring the voices of Palestinian prisoners to the world’s public opinion mainly Marouane Barghouthi and Ahmed Saadat, and denounce the practices of the Zionist entity and the most basic human rights violations.

He also reiterated the willingness of the trade union center to put all available means at the service of the Palestinian cause, stressing that it is the cause of all the Arab peoples and is one of the main principles of the UGTT.

In turn, Fadwa Barghouthi called “all free people of this world”, inviting them to raise awareness of this just and legitimate cause.

“The situation of Palestinian prisoners is critical, but they will continue to campaign for their cause,” she said, adding that her husband’s condition has deteriorated but is also continuing to resist.

She also paid tribute to the UGTT for its constant support for the Palestinian cause, calling on it to plead before the United Nations. She also called for the Nobel Peace Prize winning quartet to campaign for Palestinian prisoners.

Leader of a hunger strike by nearly 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, Barghouthi, 57, was placed in solitary confinement and his health deteriorates “dangerously” according to NGO “club of prisoners”.

Marouane Barghouthi is a Palestinian politician and a great figure of the first and second Intifadha. Arrested in 2002 and imprisoned in 2004, he was sentenced to life imprisonment five times by the Israeli occupier. It is regarded throughout the world as a “peaceful symbol of the Palestinian cause” and compared to Nelson Mandela.

Source: TAP News Agency

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