Takfiri cell broken up in Ettadhamen, 4 arrested (Interior) | Tunisia News Gazette

Takfiri cell broken up in Ettadhamen, 4 arrested (Interior)

A “Takfiri cell” operating in the Ettadhamen area (Ariana governorate) has been broken up, the Interior Ministry said in a statement released Wednesday night.

“On the basis of intelligence, the Ettadhamen National Guard District Investigation Unit, on Tuesday, managed to break up an active Takfiri cell in this area consisting of eight members aged between 28 and 31 years of age, four of whom were arrested, said the Ministry.

It added that the detainees admitted to being followers of the Takfiri thinking and being recruited by a member of a terrorist organisation in a neighbouring country who incited them to join terrorist organisations.

“The investigations confirmed that this terrorist had joined in 2012 four Takfiri elements at large and helped them to go to the neighboring country where they joined training camps in weapons handling and fighting,” the statement added.

The public prosecutor ordered the arrested persons to be detained, tried for “suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organisation” and placed the fugitives on the list of wanted individuals.

Source: TAP news Agency

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