Temporary mobility and internship opportunity in Italy to implement business project in Tunisia | Tunisia News Gazette

Temporary mobility and internship opportunity in Italy to implement business project in Tunisia

A new project named “MENTOR- Mediterranean Network for Training Orientation to Regular Migration” has been launched by the city of Milan to support young Tunisians to carry out their work projects, while improving access to legal migration pathways.

The MENTOR project is implemented by the Municipality of Milan, in co-ordination with the Municipality of Turin, the Employment Agency of the Piedmont Region, in co-operation with the association “Anolf Piemonte Tunisia”.

It is co-funded by the European Union, through the ICMPD, in the framework of the Mobility Partnerships.

Initiators of this project said 10 young people (male and female) from the Greater Tunis area, aged 20 to 30, who meet the selection criteria and have project ideas, will benefit from a temporary mobility experience in Italy.

The MENTOR project will take place in three phases: the first begins with the launch of the call for applications which will remain open until 31 January.

In the second phase, 10 young trainees among those who have applied will be selected to go to Italy and follow a 3-month internship in a company.

The project covers travel and living expenses until the end of the internship.

Thirdly, trainees will return to Tunisia to carry out their personal project or their business project in Tunisia with tailor-made support and a small financial contribution provided by MENTOR.

The aim of this initiative is to keep young people away from the risks of irregular migration and to enhance their skills to improve their chances of entering the labor market in their native country, after receiving training and professional experience in Italy.

It also aims to promote information on legal and temporary circular migration to Italy, either for young people or employment advisers in target territories.

In Tunisia, the project relies on co-operation between many local actors, including: the Municipality of Tunis, the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment (MFPE), the National Agency for Employment and Independent Work (ANETI), the Office of Tunisians Abroad (OTE), the Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training (ATFP), the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation (ACTC), the National Observatory of Youth (ONJ), the Tunisian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTICI) the University Campus of Manouba and the Confederation of Citizen Enterprises of Tunisia (CONECT).

Source: TAP News Agency

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