"Terrorist asset freezing requires co-ordination, information sharing and transparency" (Patrice Bergamini) | Tunisia News Gazette

“Terrorist asset freezing requires co-ordination, information sharing and transparency” (Patrice Bergamini)

“Terrorist asset freezing requires co-ordination, information sharing and transparency,” said Thursday European Union Ambassador to Tunisia Patrice Bergamini.

“This is essential in order to target groups and individuals as well as suspect banking and financial movements,” he told an expert seminar in Tunis on “the mechanism of terrorist asset freezing.”

In a statement to TAP, Bergamini pointed out that fight against terrorism is played out at several levels, including anticipation, warning and neutralisation.

According to him, beyond international co-operation, there is a field fight to be undertaken at the local and regional levels, that is, he explained, to work on the upstream detection of individuals and radicalised groups, but also on the tracking and neutralisation of suspicious financial movements.

“The involvement of banks and insurance companies, among other key partners in this fight is paramount,” he specified.

Bergamini added that this fight also implies a territorial grid, judicial co-operation at the level of judges and inter-ministerial co-ordination work between the various departments in charge of counter terrorism.

“It is, in fact, an all-out battle that goes from prevention to field fight through diplomacy and geopolitics.”

Taking the floor, France’s Ambassador to Tunisia Olivier Poivre d’Arvor said that “if terrorism could spread throughout the world it is because there has been huge funding that supported its actions.”

Today, he continues, fight against terrorism certainly involves security actions but also other mechanisms such as intelligence and information sharing likely to dry up its sources of funding.

This high-level meeting should shed light on effective tools to track funding systems for terrorism,” said the French diplomat.

For his part, National Counter-Terrorism Commission (CNLCT) President Hedi Mekni pointed out that the seminar offers the opportunity to reaffirm Tunisia’s commitment to the global fight against terrorism alongside its international partners.

Tunisia, which has ratified all the international conventions and other protocols related to counter terrorism, has a solid legal arsenal in this field, he specified.

The two-day seminar is organised jointly by the CNLCT and the French Embassy in Tunis, with the support of the European Union.

It is part of co-ordination activities between Tunisia and its international partners under the banner of the enlarged G7 and receives financial and logistical support for the Counter Terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa region (CT MENA) project.

Source: TAP News Agency

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