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Terrorist group attack 4 houses in Kasserine

A group of 20 terrorists attacked Sunday four houses, some kilometers from Mount Mghilla on the side of Ain Zayen in the Sebiba delegation (Kasserine governorate), and stole food and blankets, witnesses and victims of the attack said to TAP correspondent in the region.

The terrorist elements then fled to Mount Mghilla, according to the same sources.

Such attacks have become frequent in the region, some witnesses affirmed, recalling that security and military forces had been dispatched to the scene and carried out a sweeping operation to track terrorists.

They hailed the military and security forces’ efforts, but they estimated that the situation in this closed military zone requires an exceptional national programme.

The inhabitants of the Ain Zayen locality launched a call to the Prime Ministry to find the necessary means to preserve their property against the acts of looting perpetrated by these terrorists.

Source: TAP news Agency

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