Terrorists and smugglers, a relationship that is both compatible and profitable for both sides, says Judge Mohamed Kammoun | Tunisia News Gazette

Terrorists and smugglers, a relationship that is both compatible and profitable for both sides, says Judge Mohamed Kammoun

“The relationship between terrorist groups and smugglers is an organic relationship. It is a win-win relationship,” first investigating judge at the Tunis Court of First Instance, Mohamed Kammoun said Tuesday

“Smugglers need money, while terrorists need their (smugglers) services. This relationship is both compatible and profitable for both parties, “he said.

Invited as part of the TAP Forum to shed light on “the terrorist crime and its relationship with smuggling,” Kammoun warned that terrorist groups could directly engage in smuggling through their members or third parties’ people.

“An essential element of terrorist activity is the financing of terrorism, which is difficult to detect, especially when it takes place within the same country,” he said. “There are many and complex financing options,” he warned.

In this connection, he drew attention to the seriousness of the financing of terrorism through charities. “This method of financing is very widespread in Muslim societies. It allows the collection of important funds in the form of donations, which makes it difficult to control their movement, “he warned.

According to the investigating judge, “the restrictive provisions laid down by Decree-Law No. 2011-88 of September 24, 2011 on the organisation of associations remain insufficient and unproductive”.

According to article 38 of this law, “all financial transactions of revenue or expenditure of associations are carried out by bank transfers or bank or postal checks if their value exceeds five hundred (500) dinars. The fragmentation of revenue or expenditure in order to avoid exceeding the value indicated above is not permitted.

In the same context, Mohamed Kammoun referred to the inadequacies of the Organic Law No. 2015-26 of August 7, 2015 on the fight against terrorism and money laundering which, he said, provides in Article 114 that “any operation for the import or export of foreign currency, the value of which is greater than or equal to a specified amount to be fixed by order of the Minister for Finance, shall, upon entry or exit or during transit operations, be declared to the customs services”.

According to him, “this law is limited for two reasons”. First, the minimum value of the amount subject to reporting is high. The amount is 10 thousand dinars. Second, the importation of diamonds and precious stones was not mentioned in the law in question, he stressed.

In this regard, the investigating judge at the Tunis Court of First Instance defined the physical transfer of funds as “any physical transport of money, shares, or jewelry (gold and precious stones) within countries or between countries through physical persons and most often concealed in suitcases or cars “.

Source: TAP news Agency

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