“The body in all its dimensions,” theme of 6th edition of Jaou Photo festival, October 6-20 in Tunisia

The Jaou Photo 2022 festival, which has become the first international photography biennial in Tunisia, promises to be a platform for meetings, sharing and artistic and cultural dialogue as nearly 160 photographers and artists from over 45 countries will take part in this edition, which will be hosted in more than 15 spaces, with the support of Tunisian and foreign strategic partners.


To be organised mainly in Tunis, Sfax and Sousse, under the theme: “The body in all its dimensions,” this 6th edition will also be geared towards other genres dealing with themes related to the body and photography, namely dance, theatre, cinema and music.


The broad features of Jaou Photo due October 6-20, were unveiled Tuesday in Tunis during an event attended by the main partners.


The agenda includes 15 photo and video art exhibitions. “Witness of Change,” which will be held outdoors on October 6, is the flagship exhibition of the festival.


“Jaou Photo seeks to facilitate access to contemporary art, while creating a festive atmosphere for the event,” President of the Kamel Lazaar Foundation (KLF) Lina Lazaar said, adding that “the festival is an invitation to get together and a way to restore the original meaning of what a festival should be.”


Lazaar further indicated that in consultation with the French Institute of Tunis


(IFT), the choice had been made for “a festival that will be held every two years, whose main language is that of the image and the moving image.”


She spoke about “the unique partnership with the Centre d’Art Contemporain de Genève and the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement (BIM),” considering that it is “the most important moving image biennal held for the 1st time in the African Continent.”


The president of Jaou photo 2022 also talked about a Biennial that will be based on “a participatory spirit, convergence, discovery and above all resilience on the importance of culture as a lever for development and inclusion.”


Taking the floor, IFT Director Hubert Tardy Joubert said that the choice of organising this event in various cultural spaces in Tunis stems from the willingness of the two key partners, KLF and IFT, to make Jaou “a public event held in the public space with a view to rediscovering the participatory and collective spirit.”


The IFT would like to see this Biennial event benefit all parties in a participatory, reciprocal and decentralised framework and offer an opportunity to showcase the creative scene of Tunisian photographers and to display their work before foreign professionals so that they, in turn, are inspired by this Tunisian creativity and contemporary realities in the country.


Tounes Wejhatouna programme Coordinator Serge Stagnoli recalled that this programme, funded by the European Union in Tunisia, seeks to contribute to the promotion of Tunisia as a destination. Joining an international event such as Jaou Photo will help draw tourists, while opting “to exploit the angle of the absence of bodies, -in connection with the theme of the festival-, which has characterised the tourist sector in Tunisia during the last few years and especially during the health crisis,” he indicated.


“The prime target of Tounes Wejhatouna is Tunisian youth, men and women,” said the European official, announcing that it had been agreed with the organisers to invite nearly 300 students from fine arts schools in Tunisia to attend the various events scheduled in Jaou Photo.


With the support of its main partner, the IFT, Jaou Photo of the KLF Foundation pursues the same orientation it has been following for years, investing in the cultural scene and its visibility on both the national and international levels.


The city of Tunis, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the Swiss and French embassies to Tunisia, the Goethe Institute and the Italian Cultural Institute in Tunis, the  National Office of Tunisian Tourism (ONTT), Tunisair and KMC are among the main partners of this festival.


Source: Tap News Agency