Three Tunisian women file suit against UAE airline for moral and material damages (Defense) | Tunisia News Gazette

Three Tunisian women file suit against UAE airline for moral and material damages (Defense)

Lawyer Dalila Mbarek Mssadak told TAP on Tuesday that three Tunisian women, two doctors and a student decided to file a complaint against the airline of the United Arab Emirates for moral and material injury.

She added that the three Tunisian women, concerned by the Emirati decision to ban Tunisian women boarding flights from the Emirati company, asked her to represent them.

The complaints will be filed in early January, she said, noting being in the process of forming a defense group, consisting of volunteer lawyers, to plead in favour of the plaintiffs in this case.

Dalila Mbarek said that requests will also be sent to the international organisations and UN, in charge of human rights, as well as civil aviation organisations to encourage them to recognize the discriminatory nature of this decision.

Last Friday, the Emirati national airline decided to ban Tunisian female passengers of any age from boarding flights from Tunis without providing any explanation, with the exception of residents in the United Arab Emirates.

Source: TAP News Agency

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