Tlili Mnasri: ISIE has no ties with ruling authorities

Spokesperson for the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) Mohamed Tlili Mnasri said that the commission is fully independent. “ISIE has no ties with the ruling authorities,” he told TAP on Monday.


Since its creation in 2011, the Electoral Commission and its members have been criticised over their “partisan affiliation»; the latter were then elected by the Parliament, he added,


“Members of the ISIE Board are now appointed by the President of the Republic,” he pointed out.


He reminded that since the swearing-in ceremony which took place at the Palace of Carthage, the Head of State had only held one meeting with four members of the ISIE and its President Farouk Bouasker.


In another context, the ISIE spokesperson underlined that the increasing electoral violations during the past events were due to the absence of a legal arsenal that protects the political scene from suspicious financing of political parties and regulates the sector of opinion polls.


Mnasri stressed the need to set up judicial chambers specialised in cases relating to electoral crimes.


He added that the ISIE has met with representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice about preparations for the fight against electoral violations.


During these meetings, emphasis was placed on the need to intervene immediately against recorded offenses and speed up the time required to rule on electoral crimes.


Source: Tap News Agency