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Tourist sites in GabAs remain under exploited

GabAs has not made a real qualitative leap in the tourism sector despite the cultural richness and environmental diversity of the region: a coastline of 80 km, numerous oases, hot springs, Amazigh villages and troglodyte dwellings.

Indeed, important tourist projects, planned by the Tunisian state for years, have not yet been created, like the spa resort of El Khebayet in El-Hamma, and the tourism pole and environmental integration in Gabes south.

Concerning the first project, there are positive signs. A group of Chinese investors has expressed interest in rehabilitating the health resort of El Khebayet.

However, the second project is in the process of settling its land situation. According to some, no effort has been made to promote the tourism and environmental pole, yet it is full of important assets.

The project includes the construction of eight 10,000-bed hotels, a golf course and several commercial and residential sites.

The economic operators in the region hope to see the tourism sector in Gabes register a clear revival and wish the ministry to pay particular attention to the launch of the integrated tourist and environmental pole project.

Source: TAP News Agency

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