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Towards creation of national civil aviation authority

A draft law providing for the creation of a national civil aviation authority (French: INAC) was submitted in January to the Prime Ministry said Director-General of Civil Aviation, Habib Mekki.

Speaking on Friday, at a seminar on the twinning project with the European Union entitled “Support for strengthening civil aviation institutions in Tunisia” from 2016 to 2018, at a cost of 1.2 million Euros, (some 2.9 million dinars), Mekki considered that “an Authority comprising the various functions of the civil aviation authority and enjoying administrative and financial autonomy must be established, in accordance with the requirements International organisations “.

“The objective is to ensure the reorganisation of civil aviation institutions, the harmonisation of relations between the General Management of the Civil Aviation (DGAC) and the Civil Aviation and Airports Authority (OACA) as well as the development of a national strategy for the development of the aviation sector,” he said.

“The diagnosis showed a duality of the intervening parties: DGAC and OACA, which favoured a weakening of the supervision of the safety and control of compliance with the legislation in force, in addition to the complexity of the procedures, he underlined.

He also highlighted the significant lack of human resources and specialist staff and an annual training plan of executive as recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), in addition to the Lack of career attractiveness in the DGAC, the leakage of skills, the multiplicity of staff regulations and inequality in wages and social welfare.

Chistian Assailly, European expert on the project, said that the national civil aviation authority will be endowed with a unique status for its staff identical to that of the OACA and will bring together the DGAC and the OACA staff.

Concerning the financing of this body, it was proposed to apply a “civil aviation fee”, at the rate of one Euro per passenger, which must be submitted to the House of People’s Representative for vote.

Minister of Transport Anis Ghedira said that the current organisation of the civil aviation sector subject to regulation is a structuring that no longer meets the requirements of international organisations and sector expectations, is called to be modern to meet international requirements in this area.

Source: TAP news Agency

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