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Towards creation of Network of 100 Crafty Store

The National Union Chamber of Handicrafts Traders stemming from the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA), announced Sunday, its goal to achieve a major project to create a network of 100 stores selling Tunisian handicraft products, which will be established in the 24 governorates of the country.

This big project aims at “the installation of 2,100 young new traders, the guarantee of the signing of 10, 000 commercial contracts, knowing that 10, 000 craftsmen, rural women and craft companies will supply these young traders”.

The union chamber also aims to create 100 new showcases dedicated to artisans in the 24 governorates and 100 companies, employing more than 10 jobs”.

It shows the ambition “to bring Tunisian consumer products closer to crafts, to increase the share of exports of handicraft products from 1.83% (2015) to 4% in 2021 and therefore to increase national foreign exchange earnings and the share of handicrafts, in the national GDP to 12% by 2021 “.

The Chamber intends to promote the creation of Crafty Store as unavoidable local tourist attractions and their location abroad to promote the “made in Tunisia”. The Concept of these Stores is articulated around 4 inseparable actions: the Sale on local market, the Sale on line, the Sale abroad and Exportation.

In this context, it will present a technical assistance, in terms of “training of artisans on the trends of export markets, selection of new young traders to be coached for 3 months on the business of Sourcing and Marketing of products of crafts, as well as in local marketing and export techniques and management of the e-commerce platform “.

Source: TAP News Agency

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