Tozeur: Tunisian-Italian project to combat desertification to start soon | Tunisia News Gazette

Tozeur: Tunisian-Italian project to combat desertification to start soon

The Tunisian-Italian project for the fight against desertification and the improvement of living conditions in the border delegations of Tozeur will soon be set up.

The cost of this project, which will be achieved by the regional commissioner for agricultural development, is estimated at about 15 MD, financed in the form of a gift by Italy, said president of the forestry department at the agricultural authority Mohamed Dababi.

The project focuses on four main axes: capacity-building for people in border regions, including farmers, combating desertification, creating income for families, and improving the profitability of oasis crops, he said.

Nearly 936 farmers in the rural border areas of the Hezoua delegation and the Tamaghza delegation will benefit from the project, the same source added to TAP correspondent.

Source: TAP News Agency

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