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Trade: export down 3.3%, import up 5.8% (Q1 2017)

Exports fell by 3.3% (constant prices) in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, against an increase in imports of 5.8%, according to a note published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

On the level of prices, exports increased by 11.1%, and imports by 13.7%. In current values, exports amounted to 7,532.6 million dinars (MD), up 7.4%, while imports reached 11, 411.5 MD, marking a much higher increase of 20.3 %.

Excluding energy, prices rose at export by 10.1% and imports by 9.7%. Indeed, from January to March 2017, energy prices recorded increases of about 19.6% in exports and 52.2% in imports.

A sectoral analysis reveals a decline in exports in volume recorded in energy (-52.3%) and mining, phosphates and derivatives (-24.7%). Besides, the mechanical and electrical industry posted a growth in volume by 4.4%.

As regards imports, the evolution in terms of volume is marked by an increase in the mining, phosphates and derivatives (+ 21.5%), textiles, clothing and leather (+ 5.5%), agriculture and agri-food industries (+ 14.8%).

Source: TAP News Agency

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