Tunelyz reports development of associative cultural sector in Tunisia

Over 1,000 cultural associations were created in 4 years nationwide, according to statistics released on March 30 by the Centre for Information, Training, Studies and Documentation on Associations (IFEDA).
These statistics will shortly be the object of a focus, revealed the Tunelyz Visualised Tunisian Insights in its latest newsletter.
The cultural scene continues to shine thanks to the incredible dynamics of a youth with talents and aspirations without limits or borders, the same source pointed out.
This colourful niche would be the most flourishing, at least in terms of the number of initiatives: 4,704 in March 2021, surpassing the ever-present school associations, which stand at around 4,589. However, Tunelyz pointed out the lack of data on the associations’ cultural activity.

Source: TAP News Agency