Tunis-Annaba railway line will be operational first week of May (SNCFT) | Tunisia News Gazette

Tunis-Annaba railway line will be operational first week of May (SNCFT)

Tunis-Annaba railway line (Algeria) will be operational in the first week of May, said Thursday CEO of the Tunisian National Railway Company (SNCFT) Sarra Rejeb.

At a press conference held at the SNCFT headquarters, she specified that the Tunisia-Algeria railway line will have a capacity of 300 seats and a frequency of a train over two days.

“This line will start first of all by trains of the Algerian National Railways pending the acquisition of new trains by the SNCFT,” she pointed out, adding that the journey time is estimated at 8 hours.

“With a high speed of 250kms/h (LGV-line at high speed), a higher capacity than an Airbus A330 (260 seats) and a very pleasant ride, rail traffic will be able to compete with air traffic,” the official said optimistically.

The official added that the inauguration of this line is inherent to the finalisation of some procedures such as the installation of scanners in Ghar Dimaou and co-ordination with the border police and customs.

Source: TAP News Agency

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