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Tunis-China Forum: Tunisia must be a regional hub (Ladhari)

Tunisia can be part of China’s economic dynamic and and create a strategic vision not only as a country and market but also as a hub and regional platform, enabling China to address Africa and Europe, Minister of Trade and Industry Zied Ladhari said on Friday.

Speaking at the Tunis Forum 2017: Tunisia-China: a partnership for the future, he said that economic ties with China must be strengthened to build a partnership for the future and make the most of new opportunities for economic cooperation.

Tunisia, which has considerable potential, consisting essentially of its strategic position and its human resources and skills as well as its infrastructure which is being developed, in addition to a legal, regulatory and institutional framework undergoing rapid change and evolution, “He said, can play the role of a bridge between cultures, civilizations and countries. The objective is to acquire an ability to develop industrial projects together with regional and continental ambition.

He recalled that China accounts for 1/3 of the trade deficit of Tunisia and that the figures in terms of investments show that Tunisia has captured only 2 million dinars out of the 35 billion invested by China at the World level.

Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, said that the Chinese market is among the most important tourist markets with 135 million Chinese tourists in the world, which places China as the first issuing market.

Tourists of Chinese nationality no longer need an entry visa to visit Tunisia, she said, adding that 9,000 Chinese tourists visited Tunisia until June 30, a growth of 260%, the goal is to reach 20 thousand tourists.

Tunisia has also done a great deal of work on security and has achieved a fairly high level of security, given that no incidents have occurred in 2016 or in 2017, which saw a real recovery in the tourism sector.

Tourism, she said, is a growing sector in Tunisia, a country located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and close to the main European capitals and also a portal to Africa. She added that the current choice is to diversify the Tunisian tourism product and the range of products.

Abdelaziz Makhlouf, Chairman and CEO of CHO (olive oil packaging company), spoke of his experience as a Tunisian exporter to China, indicating that each market has its needs which may be different from another market. “There are no regularities on sales,” he said, adding that the Tunisian business model, inspired and close to that of Europe and the West, is totally different from that of China.

“We need to pay more attention to the understanding of Chinese culture and law and focus the training of young people on Chinese language and culture,” he said.

Source: TAP News Agency

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