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Tunis International Book Fair: Professional Day on public book policies in the world

A professional day will be organised on March 30 as part of the 33rd edition of Tunis international Book Fair under the theme “Public Book Policies in the Arab world: a comparative approach between Chile and France”.

The meeting will bring together five representatives of publishers’ associations from the Arab world (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia), Chilean and French publishers, as well as representatives of the Tunisian authorities, for a day of exchange and sharing on public book policies in the Arab world.

The day is organized by the International Alliance of Independent Publishers and supported by the Foundation of France, in partnership with the Union of Arab publishers and the French institutes of Tunisia and Lebanon.

In an interview with TAP, Tunisian publisher Nouri Abid noted that this day comes after a data collection and analysis work undertaken since January 2017 by publishers of the Arab and Latin America in order to identify the good practices and gaps in current book policies and therefore put forward priority and concrete proposals for each of the countries and areas studied.

During this day, interventions from Arab- speaking professionals will provide the opportunity to feed the data gathering in progress in the five Arab countries. Publishers from Chile and France will be presenting the public book policies of the book in progress in their countries for a comparative approach inspiring others.

Source: TAP News Agency

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