TUNISAIR launches new Android mobile application "TUNISAIR Apps" | Tunisia News Gazette

TUNISAIR launches new Android mobile application “TUNISAIR Apps”

TUNISAIR had just launched its new Android mobile application TUNISAIR Apps, through which the customer can carry out his or her travel formalities, the national carrier company announded in a press release on Wednesday.

This new application which includes the same main functions of the company’s official website, will help the customer to purchase his ticket, register online, get his boarding pass, manage his reservation, add travel options for his trip and check his flight schedule and state.

The launch of this application is a part of the carrier’s new commercial strategy oriented towards the customer and focusing on the command of communication technologies.

Thanks to this application, the customer can keep his reservation records and have access to his travel documents even offline, the press release specified.

Source: TAP News Agency

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