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Tunisia called to play important role in increasing volume of intra-African trade

We hope to see Tunisia play an important role in increasing the volume of the intra-African trade that must increase five-fold within 10 years, said Skander K. Oueslati, a Senior Partner at Africinvest (financial institution based in 7 African countries).

Speaking on Wednesday during a conference held on the fringes of the first edition of the Financing Investment and Trade in Africa Forum FITA 2018, Oueslati evoked Tunisia’s entrance in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) which according to him is the turning point of the Tunisian economy.

He further qualified this entrance as an extraordinary event for Tunisia and Tunisian enterprises.

It promotes export and distribution of Tunisian products in the African market, he indicated, evoking the Africinvest’s experience in bringing Tunisia closer to the East African region and supporting access of Tunisian products in this market since 2012.

According to him, Tunisian products are facing stiff competition in this market from products from Egypt who had entered COMESA well before Tunisia.

Tunisian products were subject to tax of up to 25% and the Egyptian ones of only 6%, he indicated, calling on the Tunisian government to implement incentive measures for the benefit of Tunisian enterprises and to help them establish partnerships with foreign enterprises through which they will enter the African market.

Source: TAP news Agency

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