Tunisia “cannot serve as platform for illegal migration,” FM tells UNHCR’s representative [Upd 1]

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad Othman Jerandi said as he met Wednesday with Representative of the UN Refugee Agency in Tunisia Hanan Hamdan the country “cannot serve as a platform for illegal migration, particulary amid the economic and social challenges it is facing.”

Tunisia, he added, “was not the final destination of the majority of refugees and asylum seekers. ” It is receiving them on a temporary basis in line with its interational commitments and while taking into consideration the precarious situation of most of them till the possibility of reestablishing them in other countries is explored.”

Tunisia is utterly opposed to the instrumentalisation of this issue to harm its image. A permanent solution is sought while safeguarding Tunisia’s national security and interests pursuant to relevant international conventions.”

The meeting is part of efforts to monitor the situation of refugees and asylum seekers staging a sit-in outside the UNHCR Office in Tunis. Hanan Hamdan informed the minister about the latest developments and said sit-inners are intent on maintaining the sit-in if their demands to be evacuated from Tunisia are not met.

The whole interntional community needs to endorse the responsibility of refugees and the UNHCR is in contact with all actors and interantional partners to convince refugees and asylum seekers to put an end to the sit-in and head to accommodation centres.

Refugee evacuation plans are only possible in countries where rights of refugees are not respected. Thius is not the case in Tunisia

Source: Tap News Agency