Tunisia: Ghannouchi – ‘Specialisation in Politics Is Not Driven By Stage’s Constraints’

Specialisation in politics, the flagship subject of the 10th congress of Ennahdha Movement, is not driven by the stage’s constraints, it is a crowning of a historic development of the movement during 40 years, estimated Ennahdha President Rached Ghannouchi.

Taking the floor at the opening of the 10th congress of the movement, Friday in Rades, Ghannouchi added that during these years Ennahdha has incessantly evaluated its path and revise its choices in a way that favoured its conversion from a movement based on ideology to a Moslem democratic patriotic party.

The movement is determined to learn from its mistakes, he assured.

“We should be courageous to recognise our mistakes when we were in power,” he said, considering that constructive self-criticism is a sine qua no condition to modernisation.

He reiterated his party’s commitment to respect the model of society chosen by Tunisian and for which the Revolution had been made and to keep religion away from political infighting, notably by guaranteeing the neutrality of mosques to be a place to unify and not to divide.

The country needs ulemas who advocate a moderate Islam and denounce extremism in the name of Islam, adopted by takfiri extremist movements, he estimated.

Ghannouchi reiterated call for a national reconciliation, for a partnership between all the national and political forces and reinforcement of consensus.

He also called for a social truce to relaunch the economy and launch a national pact for youth development, which addresses the real problems facing this category and proposes a future strategy to improve their situation.

Source: Tunis Afrique Presse.